New track ~ No Matter What

The words in my new track are so personal to me, as the last 14 years have been deeply meaningful, painful, inspirational and unconditional. I had tears singing the first and second verse, as you may hear the crokey tremble lol.

Nik Felippe is so much fun to work with. Our sessions are consumed with Nik’s potent cocktail juices, laughter and silly accents. He’s so care – free and easy to work with and a massive crack up! Our motto is to ‘keep music fun’. If it’s not fun – we drop the track!! I’ve worked with Nik since 2007, and we have walked together on this musical journey side by side. I think I wanna work with you forever and ever Nikki!

Here’s the lyrics to ‘no matter what’. Dedicated to you Reshat.

I’m so sorry
That I couldn’t give you everything,
That you wanted
From me to you

You gave me time
Both yours and mine…
Always there when I would cry.

No matter what

If night was day
The sun would always shine on you,
If only I could take away your pain

You were born,
Without a dime, but then you climbed,
And now you stand so tall,

When my life was falling around me,
And when i was trapped inside my cell,
When I tried to flee, you accepted me,
And you showed me how to find myself.


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