Considering I’ve been rotting here in Melbourne for the last 3 weeks, I’ve booked my flights to Darwin where the weather is consistently 32 degrees, and where my cocktail by my resort swimming pool awaits me! Highlights include:

Day 1 The Florence Falls (opportunity to swim in the plunge pool), the Buley Rockhole and then visit Tolmer Falls for a magnificent view of the water cascading down below. Finally, to Wangi Falls for a climb to the top with Aboriginal elders.

Day 2 Im kinda over jumping Crocodiles but what the heck, why not face saltwater crocodiles close up as they leap out of the water to snatch their food!

Day 3 we will experience our tour to the Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls which are a ‘must see’ on our Kakadu itinerary. We will travel through the savannah woodlands of Kakadu which appears lifeless, but has more fauna diversity than the Daintree rainforest. We will camp there for two days and hopefully not get eaten up by crocodiles lol.

Day 4 sunset Sailing Cruise relaxing under sail on our spacious sailing catamaran whilst watching one of Darwin’s famous sunsets sipping on some white wine.

Day 5 laze by the resort pool with tropical cocktails and some pampering.

I promise you I won’t miss you Melbourne.


Global epidemic – ADHD

How do we educate our children to take their place in the economies given that we cant anticipate how the economy is going to look next week? We are trying to meet the future by doing what they did in the past. We are alienating our kids by using this ancient education system built for the industrial revolution. Public education was a revolutionary idea. It was driven by an economic imperative at the time. Real intelligence consists nothing of academic activity! Many brilliant children think they are not because they are being judged by this model. They suffer the modern epidemic – ADHD! These kids are being medicated as routinely as we have our tonsils taken out. Our children are being bombarded with information from computers, from iphones from advertising from hundreds of tv channels. They are getting distracted from what? BORING stuff – school! These kids are being given drugs to get them to concentrate! What is going on????!?!?! This is a fictitious epidemic. We need change. We shouldn’t be putting our children to sleep to get them through the education. We should be waking them up to what is inside of themselves.


So Ive been sitting here trying to write a paragraph for my assignment for the last 2 hours or more now lol! THINK NEZ THINK! whats wrong with me? Im so distracted and just not interested! i would so much rather be in the studio right now making music with Nik, or walking along the beach on the sand in mother nature somewhere!




Lyrics Everything Nothing

Cos I’m good,
And I’m bad,
I’m always right,
But more than often I’m wrong,
I’m yours but,
I’m mine too,
My knees are weak my mind is strong.

And when I sink into your arms,
I’m flying away,
And all this energy is wasted,
Cos life is just a game.

Then I realise, seems I’m everything and nothing with you.
Mean, kind, same time, everything is perfect with you.
Tell me sweet lies, everything and nothing is true.
Love, fight, ignite, everything is nothing with you.

I’m close but,
I’m distant,
I’m always hot but more than often I’m cold,
And when I,
I live my life I won’t get old.

Then I realise, seems I’m everything and nothing with you.
Mean, kind, same time, everything is perfect with you.
Tell me sweet lies, everything and nothing is true.
Love, fight, ignite, everything is nothing with you.

Everything Nothing ~ new track

So here I am again, writing another track. This one is called “Everything & Nothing”. It’s about the laws of the universe – the law of opposites! All this work I’ve done with Dr John Demartini and MJB seminars over the weekend in Melbs kinda inspired me to do something different. The spectrum quantum mechanics takes us into with our emotions (energy in motion) is just profound! We can’t have an experience without experiencing it’s polar opposite at the same time. Negative positive, ying yang, right wrong, good bad etc etc. It’s all equal and opposite and equates to LOVE. So this track is about the perfect balance that exists weather we see it or not. Nik Felippe and his AWESOME production presents to you another house track – Everything & Nothing.

what a week

I completed the Ritual component of class. OMG what a blast. What a healing and WOW no words. To top that all up I just watched “The Lovely Bones” and nearly shat myself throughout most of the movie as I flicked thru the other channels mostly coz it was just too scary for me! God Im a chicken shit! What a beautiful story. Great work Peter Jackson – glad to see how far our Aussie directors are going. You’ve done it yet again even after Lord of The Rings. Buggered. NIGHT!


I am fascinated by life’s lessons. I feel so blessed. So, so blessed. So much to share. So tired though…..soon I will share with u all.